Saturday, May 9, 2009

Words mean things

I'm tired of people hijacking and co-opting words that mean one thing, into another. Or by a grand show of words, make something that is easy to understand, obfuscated. The current administration is doing such a thing. Taking "the war on terror" (which is a misnomer, but I'll get to that later), to Overseas Contingency Operation. This is nothing more than doublespeak, and trying to 'put a right spin on things'. We can call the Navy Base in Diego Garcia (if its still there) an 'Overseas Continency something or other. just not what it is. Things like honesty, truth, and doing what you said you were going to do, doesn't seem to mean a hill of beans to politicians these days. Take Arlen Spector for example.. he changes parties because his re-election chances are slim as a Republican? He's been in there 29 years. Time for him to go home.

Raymond Ibrahim has a great article on words, and how they actually mean things, HERE.

Before I go, this "global war on terror" is like saying during WW2 we were having a "global warn on blitzkrieg". Get the drift?


  1. Great post, you made a lot of good points...what is honesty even worth these days? As long as we tell people what they want to hear, they'll be happy...until they realize we lied and then the come after us with a lynch mob...

    I always wonder why the government sugar coats everything. I mean calling the Iraqi War, "Operation Freedom," instead of what it really is...They need to grow some balls. The unfortunate thing is, I suppose they do it to hold onto the hope that they will maintain an image of humanity and integrity of this great country of ours.

  2. Diane:
    I think if those in power TODAY were "running things" back in WW2, we "might have called those 4 years:

    The Combined Asian and European Anti-fascisim and Dictatorial Global Domination Contingency Operation

    But I could be wrong.

    If we're not "at peace", then we must be AT (some kind of) WAR...let's call 'em as they ARE, and not "pad the facts" to protect those too sensitive or INsensitive to the truth, because, like it or NOT, we ALL have to deal with the TRUTH from time to time.

    Best to get USED to it, hmm?

    Good post.


  3. Too true. There were anti-war groups back then, but not like today. I think half the nation has turned into cowards.