Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back online!

Our internet was out for a while - the Helpful Kitty chewed on a wire leading to the antenna's modem,  and the guy wires for the antenna on the roof required replacing - one had broken.  My house is a lot cleaner now than before, as there wasn't a whole lot to do...TV usually stinks anyway, and so....I cleaned.

Hubby and I had our 25th anniversary last month, we went on a cruise to Alaska!  Travelogue to come - it's on hubby's laptop right now, and he's got it at work with him.  Also I have pictures of Alaska on my Flickr page, but I have to finish uploading photos - those are forthcoming along with what we did on our travel.

Well, the government has shut down.  Funny, stuff is still running, mail is still being delivered, planes are still flying, the only thing is - most of what has been shut down is an annoyance to the PEONS we are (as compared to the ruling class).  National parks have been shut down - IMHO, give those to the states to run - it's in THEIR state, the fed should not be running those.

I read a really good blog post about what is happening during the shut-down -

The savage population, which had only been kept in line through a policy of rigorous gun 
confiscations, food stamps and Green Energy programs unleashed its pent up rage in a spree of riots, looting and mass murder that had only previously been encountered in Somalia.

Riots, looting, cannibalism!  I found the link over here >  which is a riot to read! Some good stuff over there.

I was reading a post by Erick Erickson, over at RedState,  and came across this gem:

Then there are John Boehner and Eric Cantor’s staff. Good grief. If you sprinkled salt on them they’d shrivel up.


I emailed John Cornyn (the RINO) and told him he'd better grow a spine, and hold the position of not funding Obamacare.  Last time I emailed him, I told him if he kept acting this way, I'd go to every house in our county if necessary, to urge them to NOT vote for him, to vote for the opponent.  There's about 14,000 households in this county.. I'd do my best to go to every one.

TALK ABOUT STUPID! sites that are static, that DONT change at all (like the census site) are down.  This is pure spite on the part of the Fed to annoy people.

Obamacare website doesn't work half the time, but it's still up & running.  Guess that ideology rules all.   Ideology is what gave us Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot.  It's what drives the left.

It was Reid that shut down the government - the R's gave three! different bills funding the government, and NOT funding Obamacare, yet Reid turned it all down.

Well I guess I will go finish cleaning :)

Oops had to edit to add this little nugget of joy: