Sunday, May 10, 2009

Does this make sense to you??

"Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less," Powell said last week. That's Colin Powell, a member of the GOP.. still? I thought he had left because he voted for Obama.. but that couldn't be, because he was just voting skin color like quite a few other people. McCain wouldn't have been much better than Obama, however, as he was for larger government, and socialism lite. The GOP has swung so far to the left, they've become just a different name than the Democrats. There's quite a few people that the D/R's have left behind, that are center, and to the right of center, not to mention the constitutionalists, who are starting to grow in numbers. 10th Amendment anyone? Politics has always been slimy though, and it seems the scum-suckers rise to the top of the heap in Congress/Senate.. and those men and women that go there to actually make a difference, listen to the people, and put things right.. just aren't heard, or they are belittled and mocked. I'm not looking for much on the Supreme Court, as they are all to the left of me, and Clarence Thomas, although they tried to malign him, and still do - he is the best one of the bunch. The Constitution *is* a living document, but we have strayed far from it.

As for the spending in Congress/Senate/White House - I'd like to know.. when you are running negative numbers, why *increase* spending? There are many Federal programs that can be cut out, reduced, or whole departments done away with (i.e. Dept. of Education), and if we could bring in a flat tax, then the IRS can pretty much go away. Nowadays the only sector of the economy that is growing lots of jobs is the government - this should not be. Its time for some good.. nay great.. men and women, who are willing to put shoulder to the load, and take on the established powers that be - and get this country to how it should be. Become aware of the bills that are put forth, and the amendments. Watch Cspan and Cspan2. Dull at times, I admit, but you find out what is going on. See if your local congressman/senator twitters or has a Facebook page. I know of one Texas Senator that does, and he keeps his followers updated daily on what he is doing in the TX Senate. By the way, he was a talk radio host, who got tired of the government and the idiocy that went on in Austin, and ran - and garnered 70% of the vote.


  1. The ONLY way I look for MORE government could be best said this way:

    "I want MORE (of the)government to BUTT OUT of my frigging life, and leave me ALONE".

    How's that work for everyone?
    Sound like a plan?


  2. Works for me. I wonder who he is talking to that they want more government. Must be someone that figures they are not getting enough in their monthly stipend.

  3. Hey Suds, great post! Democrats, republicans??? Well, it sounds like bipartisanship is dissipating...and here I thought that would have been a good thing... IF the joining was equally reached, if you know what I mean. But what can I say, I'm young and uninformed and ignorant towards politics. I have politcophobia!

    You never know, maybe what this great country of ours is experiencing is tyranny...:O The way things are changing, it's like a chronic disease, slowly eating away at what this country was founded on. I suppose we should start preparing to kiss the constitution good bye. It really does scare me...I mean, our government was based on the idea that everyone was created equal...and that every single person on God's green earth should be granted basic human rights of life, liberty, and equality. I do worry... but then again, this country isn't really that "old," and I think there is going to be kinks that have to be worked out to re stabilize.

    I do find it a bit ironic though that our own system of capitalism has come around and bit us in the ass...but you know what? There isn't anywhere in the world I would rather live than America!!!! That's the problem with the media... it's so damn focused on the *BAD* things...why ??? WHY do we focus on the flaws of others, of our country, of our world, instead of the good things?

    I can go to college and not have to worry about some psycho with a bomb strapped to their chest...I can drive down the road without the fear that I'm going to hit a land mine and be blasted into a million little pieces. and I know that I still have my basic human rights...BECAUSE of our government. Thank God for the constitution! Thank God for America. I hope it's something we never lose...because like I said, there isn't anywhere in the world I'd rather be than here! :)

  4. The "equality" is not equal outcomes - and that is what people are so hot about!

  5. hey GE, its turning into socialism - or more like fascism - where there's a cover of companies running and owning their own business, but the government really is the one that calls the shots. Think back to Mussolini - and pre-war Italy, just before, and during WW2. What about GM? The government is running that now.. the Volt is going down the tubes (hydrogen car).