Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bill introduced into Texas legislature

Dan Patrick introduced SB 2584, making sanctuary cities a no-no in Texas (way to go!) and of course, Dems were against it. I'm not surprised, however, I'm rather amused that they don't listen to their constituents, who are often preyed upon by the criminal element that is illegal, and no one wants the criminals around. HERE is the bill. It only makes sense, and I guess being a Democrat, or a liberal, just lets all common sense fly out of your head, they don't have a lick of common sense. They must appear "sensitive".. to who? criminals? bah - don't give me that - the criminals don't care = they will take advantage of anyone they can - I was married to one once years ago. They are users. And the liberals are being used by them. And willing to be used by them.

Dan Patrick had a radio show on AM radio out of Houston, am 700, in the afternoons. He got so tired of the political show going on in Austin, that he ran for State senator - and won with 70% of the vote. He's one of the few that is going about trying to do right. He's on Facebook, and Twitter. He keeps people updated on what is going on in the legislature if you're interested in what is going on in Texas politics. Go check it out :)

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