Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A couple of things

I'm reading a list of flipflops, lies and other assorted scandals from teh One, hereafter known as "Jugears". I don't recall how I found it last night, I went surfing from blog to blog, I started off on Yidwithlid's blog and went rambling from there around. here is the start of it. I'm half-way through it. Alot of reading there. Looks like he's just gathered news over time, and added to it as the days go by.

While I was there, I found an entry about his "internet czar" making everyone's security standard - guess to whose standard? The government's standard. Knowing how well the government does stuff, that's a hoot. Here's the bill introduced. Also, it includes power to take down YOUR internet.

On another note, tonight is the last night of AWANA at church. Am I glad! No more K-2nd graders that don't listen and throw temper fits because they are disciplined, unlike at home with momma. They can't throw a fit and get their way, they get to not do the fun stuff.. and I stick with it. Some start off that way, but you hang in there, and they end up respecting you, and behaving for you better than for their moms.

Oh yeah. Another thing - No Refusal Weekends, in a county a bit over from us. They did it I think on Memorial Day weekend just past. I can see the point getting the idiots off the road, getting those drinking and driving off the roads, but where do you draw the line? I was coming home from church one Wednesday night, and my light had burned out on my plate in the back. I was TIRED from 9 screaming kids, and it was almost 10, and the rookie cop that stopped me (I assume he was a rookie, he was in the truck, and he had a car following him get out with him) got an attitude when I asked "what light? there's a light where?" My mind was fried. The older cop put his hand on his gun WTH?? and asked the rookie is she giving you any trouble. WHAT? This is an extremely rural area, and to me, its really late, and I'm tired as heck. Last thing I want to do is deal with someone with an attitude, I'd just as soon yell STFU at them and smack em. (being despite the dire need of it, I'm not allowed to spank the little angels at church). Turned out to be a 93c part.

I guess the cop figured because he was a young cop he would get attitude or what? He looked all of maybe 20 years old. Either that or I'm getting old.

By the way, they caught the kid that lit off the fireworks at school. When he returns next year, he's got ISS to start off his year with a bang. YAH!

mm nothing else on my mind.. until next time.


  1. Let them come and ride with me in the big city and through some of the Wards.....

    I can show them a good time and what real attitudes are....

    If a cop puts a hand on their gun the locals will call them on it......

    Well enjoy, till next time, BTW did You get a ticket?

  2. Maybe he thought you were a coyote bringing in some illegals...
    (nah...they'd be a LOT quieter...and in the damn trunk, wouldn't they?)


    Ditto w/ Ghost on giving THEM a ride-along in the "badlands" of my city as well.

  3. no, didn't get a ticket, but I was ready to slap one :P I was ready to go climb walls after 7 little gangsta wannabes (they are mostly 6 and 7) with their pants down around their hips etc, trying to get them to learn Bible verses. And to stop fighting, and just basically behave. Was in no mood for attitude from ANYONE, including the cops :P "what are you bringing her in for?" "She tried to spank me" for having a lousy attitude.. I can hear it now