Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A new blog added

I just added a new blog to the sidebar - you should really go by and read her scribblies. Letters from an a broad is her blog's name. She's an old (well she ain't really THAT old) *muffled laughter* school friend of mine, from I think 7th? 8th? grade? As I recall, one day we got into a fight, NEVER NEVER punch someone bigger than you in the boob! she'll kick you with her pointy toe shoe right in the crotch and ZOMG does that HURT you will fall over or faint or get stars shooting before your eyes like I did. But we ended up staying friends over the years despite that! I wonder if she even remembers that? I don't even recall what we were arguing about.. not that *I* am a hothead! *MOI* would *I* ever shoot off my mouth? nah...not meeeeeeee!

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