Monday, May 18, 2009

Barney Frank makes me mad!

I was just watching Lou Dobbs on HLN, and he had Michelle Bachmann on there also, discussing a bill she had introduced, about companies/businesses/charities that are found to be guilty on election results would be barred from getting any government funds. Barney first said that was ok. then he went back and looked at it, and drew a line through it - striking it out. His excuse? "well George Bush had given ACORN money for their counseling services and other services that ACORN provided in low-income housing. And no one complained then".. WELL THEY WEREN'T being indited in 12 states for election fraud either then. They are slated to recieve 8 billion (!!) from the government with the stimulus bill, and the budget bill. That's quite a bit of money going to a shady organization. What really ticked me off, he never answered the questions, but kept interrupting Michelle Bachmann, and then when she'd try to interject a point again (during her time) he'd say "excuse me, don't interrupt". He is a mysogynist in addition to being a liberal toady.


  1. BARNEY needs to climb BACK into that purple dinosaur suit, play with some kids on PBS, and leave our country the hell ALONE.

    And I'm being as "FRANK" as possible...LOL!


  2. Yeah, I was about ready to blow a gasket on that one!

    He had that list of numbers and talking points that he kept having to refer back to.

    Funny, but I noticed that he didn't mention that it was during Clinton's administration in 1994 that ACORN started getting a check from the government.

    Here's that spreadsheet of numbers Barney was probably looking at:

    Of course, despite Barney "the gay dinosaur" Frank's obfuscations, this really boils down to a simple question:

    Never mind that we gave ACORN money in the past, now that they have proven themselves unable to operate without corruption at almost every level, why should we now think it wise to give them, at a minimum, double the money in one year than they have received in the entire 15 years combined?

    If ACORN were a corporation named ENRON, "the gay dinosaur" would be calling for the death penalty! You just know it!


  3. wow that link reminded me of something I saw on Glenn Beck = the address of 1204 Elysian Fields Ave, is actually a FUNERAL home! He was showing the Google maps of it - and that's an ACORN address, that much of their monies get sent to. Makes you wonder about these people. And Barney Frank is in deep. Every time I see him on the television, I want to scream and throttle the guy, until he gets some sort of common sense in his head! And he also remarked on that Lou Dobbs show, that he was all for expanding government. Say WHAT?