Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Semper Fidelis Wedding!

My brother-in-law's kids are great - 2 are in the military, both are in the Marines. A higher calling than serving in the military, I could not think of. Maybe I'm biased, but I think a stint in the military grows up children into adults. It certainly grew me up from a child into an adult.. although it took a while! It grew my husband up from a youth into a man. He joined when he was 17. (Dad had to sign the paper so he could join, being under 18). I joined as a way to get out of a bad situation at first, but then I found I really liked the life. Got out of the Army, and a bit later, joined the Navy. Really did not like the girls that sucked up to the guys to do their work for them. Why were they there then? To find husbands? To sleep around? WTH were they doing sucky jobs for if they just batted their eyes and stuck out their butts and didn't want to carry two 24-packs of soda up the gangway or a 60 lb sack of rice onto the mess deck? Or climb over the potable water trailer and hook up big hoses and get dirty and break a nail? Big deal. I had no use for those type of women. I had little respect for the men that those women used also. After the Anita Hill debacle, we had to go to the mess deck, and fill out a survey on sexual harassment. I filled out mine that the sexual harassment was done by the women towards the men! That the women would use the men to do their work for them, and that the 'sexual harassment' was a bunch of BS. And I did not use an acronym or an abbreviation in my survey, I spelled it out. Those surveys went off to Washington I guess. Never knew what came of it.

OHHHH BACK TO MY SUBJECT! My niece got married this weekend!! Out in Folsom CA, a big Marine wedding - HERE is the link to read about her wedding, and see her wedding party. Enjoy.

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