Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cop Killer ran a theft ring

Truckloads of stolen merchandise found at cop killer's house.. via KHOU. That piece of dirt that shot and killed Officer Canales was running an organized crime theft ring out of his home it appears. Dozens of home appliances were found - with the price tags still attached - making it look like a 'little Home Depot' according to the channel 11 reporter. The merchandise was stolen from Conroe, Hunstville and Bastrop.

They also found more stolen merchandise at the home of Andres Nava-Maldonado, who is charged with capital murder (let that needle slide in, and make sure its fully loaded!)

Canales met with Carrillo, Nava-Maldonado, Xiomara Mendez-Rosales and an unidentified juvenile at a Walgreen's at Bellaire and Hillcroft.

Guess what? Some more fine upstanding Mexican citizens on this side of the border, again with some more crime. Yet another police officer killed in the line of duty dealing with yet more illegals. Yet *we have no problems with our borders*. *illegals are not a problem, they are only here for work* *puke puke puke*

Wasn't the last shooting of a police officer in Houston by an illegal back in 2008, if I remember correctly?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Contact Information

for those 8 turncoat republicans.. I found it over at The Loud Talker.. go, contact these weenies.. who cares if you dont live in their state - they need to know that they failed - and that they need to hear about it!

Cap and Trade Passed

Despite the bill NOT being read by anyone, and no one knowing exactly what's in it, the House of Representatives passed the bill, 219 to 212. There is exactly ONE full copy of the bill! If there is only one copy of the bill, how can they know what is in it? They cannot, and how can they make policy of this? Politics in the United States has become a total sham and a scandal. Beyond a scandal. This is totally ridiculous, and anyone that supports these people voting FOR a bill that they have not even read, or know fully what is in it, or what it will do, is a flat out idiot. There is no way around it. I'm sorry to say that there are certified cretins in our House of Representatives, and many people voted them in, and what does that say about the American people? They are more interested in American Idol and the winner of that than what is going on in Washington DC, even though American Idol has NO effect on their lives, and is pure amusement, while what goes on in DC affects their lives and wallets.

By the way, a wise preacher once defined amusement as "muse" - to think on, thinking, to be occupied with thinking. Now think of the prefix "a". It means "lack of" so amusement would be "lack of thinking" and that is what the American people are full of today. They are only living for amusement. Lack of thought! How much does that describe the United States today?

I was in Yahoo! Chat talking to a young lady from China about 2 weeks ago. She's seen Sex and the City, and that is the image she has of America. That is the image we are projecting across the world, a country void of morals and values, a country void of anything but aimless thought, vapid people, shallow people. Makes me sick to have people think that Americans are this way. And Obama's apology tour doesn't help anything - that the US is responsible for every evil in the world.

It's time for people to wake up to what is going on in this country. Get involved in politics. Don't let your country go to hell in a handbasket. Don't let your great-grandparents or grandparents down, or your father, who probably fought for this country, let this country slide into a third world country, into a banana republic.

My great-grandparents came to this country to find a better life. Let's not let that better life degrade into something degenerate.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Would you?

Would you ride one of these around town if you were a cop? Would you be *seen* riding one of these? A friend who lives in Canada said they were using them around her city. I think they look kind of weird. If they're going to use a scooter, why not a regular one?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

from the author of Maus

Comes another cartoon on the 70th anniversary of the voyage of the St. Louis refugee ship, that sailed from Germany, sailed to several countries, and the US refused to take them in - and the St Louis returned to Germany, where the people perished in the ovens. Art Spiegelman created Maus and Maus II, about his fathers time in WW2 Germany, where the cats are the Nazis and the mice are the Jews. The French are frogs. Quite a set of books, if you can get ahold of them, very moving. HERE is the cartoon for the St Louis.

Texas camping

Was just thinking about one of our camping trips to the Davis Mountains, out by Fort Davis in west Texas. We were originally going to Ruidoso, NM, but there were forest fires up there, and they had closed the forests there - we were at a shop, and a lady there suggested we go to the Davis Mountains.. so off we went, back to Texas. (After a side trip to White Sands, and Carlsbad Caverns)

We set up the tent, and had a great time there, the campground is really nice. There is a set-up there from the CCC in the 30s, up by the campground, but not part of it. We stayed in the far end of the campground as you drove in - away from the trailer section of the grounds. The first night was fun, we got into the tent..and heard some noise. Looked out of the tent, and there was a RACCOON with one hand digging into the cooler, and the other hand holding a polish sausage, eating it. I swear he had a big grin on his face. Tried to shoo him away, he was having none of it. That cooler was his! Hubby got out of the tent and finally chased the raccoon away, put the cooler in the truck cab, locked it up, and came back to the tent. Early the next morning, we looked at the truck, there were raccoon pawprints all over around the handles of the truck on both sides.

The second night was just as interesting. Earlier that day, we had gone to Fort Davis, and did a tour of the fort, and rode around the area just sightseeing. There were pronghorns in the area also. We bought a large watermelon from a truck along a road also, for after dinner. That evening, as we were zipping up the tent after the firefly show, a skunk came around to the table pad, sniffing and licking up where the watermelon juice had dribbled. Shook keys at the skunk, it just looked at us, and started walking TOWARDS us! we zipped up the tent and just stayed in. We could hear it walking around and snuffling for about 1/2 hour, then it moved onto the next tent site. Little snot!

The next day we just hung around the campsite, and walked around the campgrounds. Talked to a lady over in the trailer section, the night before when we had our skunk, she heard what she thought was a large pack of dogs - she looked out of her trailer - it was a pack of javelinas. We saw those when we were camping down in Big Bend, but they did not come by our tent up in the Davis Mountains. There were deer up there at the campsite though, we got some good pictures of them in the afternoon.

Another place we camped, on the way to Big Bend, the year the comet was out - I don't recall which year that was - we camped on the other side of Kerrville - by a river, a state park - right off I-10. It was home to a turkey refuge- you could hear them in the underbrush as you walked along trails, and you could go fishing or tubing in the river. We camped in the primitive area, and late at night we were out watching the comet and all the stars, away from our tent and our table - where the cooler was - and we looked behind us - the whole table was COATED with raccoons! they were swarming the cooler.. so we went over there, scared them away, and then looked behind us again, where we had been, and they were over there, watching us to see when we would move away from the cooler. That was the last year we used the small tent with the girls, 2 adults, a 9 year old and a 7 year old in a 3 man tent just does not work! We ended up not camping in Big Bend in the Chisos Mountains, as there was a mountain lion seen within the week quite a few times, and we didn't want the kids to become the next victim, so we went out of the park, and camped, went back into the park during the day.

We've camped up in the Guadalupe Mountains, up on the border of Texas/New Mexico, that was fun - except the youngest was afraid of porta-potties, and that was all that was available by us, unless we wanted to walk quite a ways to the shower area. That year I felt bad for a tarantula. Boy Scouts had the large campsite at the end of the road by us, and they had cornered one on a bush in their site, and were throwing water on it and poking it with sticks. We went hiking on several of the shorter trails in those mountains.

Now that the eldest has moved out, and the youngest is 16, I'd like to go camping again, back to the places we've been before. They're higher in elevation, so they're cooler than it is here on the coast. Come to think of it, the last few times we've been camping, it has been at the Texas Renaissance Festival, up in Plantersville, we go up Friday night, stay overnight, go all day Saturday, and then camp again, and come home Sunday. But that's another post for another day - later on this year after we go again :P


Looking for my cell phone today, all around.. high and low. On my desk, everywhere.. THEN I remembered the last place I had it - in my white shorts pocket.. great. I just did laundry today, and guess what was in the pocket! :| Time for a new phone. I'm just hoping the SIM card still works - I'd hate to get a new phone number after all these years.

Apart from that, I'm back from my little break, cleaning house sucked, and as soon as I washed the dog, he goes out and rolls in the dirt and gets filthy again, and tracks in dirt. Great. Just like I never swept and mopped. Useless cycle. I'm thinking of these dusters for him that fit on like little socks. I've seen them at Walmart in the household dusters aisle, for people. Maybe fix up some for the dog, so when he scurries around the kitchen he can clean up after himself.

I picked up another new book, Glenn Beck's Common Sense, which also contains Common Sense penned by Thomas Jefferson. I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm reading Liberal Fascism right now by Jonah Goldberg, and it's quite eye-opening. You know how the left is always calling the right fascists? Very few fascists are ON the right! Mostly it is a left-wing phenomenon. Will blog about it soon after I get a couple more chapters under my belt. Right now I'm off to search for a cell phone, and try to assuage the hubby about having to put out for a new phone :P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


TAMPA - Federal authorities have charged a 24-year-old man with trying to bring a seven-inch knife aboard a plane at Tampa International Airport. Raed Abduhl-Rahman Alsaif was arrested June 4 as he tried to board US Airways flight 1077 to Phoenix and Portland, Ore., according to a criminal complaint.

Interesting about this guy - he's here from Saudi on a student visa. Alsaif is a graduate of the Islamic Saudi Academy Alexandria, VA--an extremist school linked to Al-Qaeda and that the Alsaif family is prominent in Al-Qaeda.

Private investigator Bill Warner also found out that on the SAME DAY, (June 4, 2009) that Alsaif tried to sneak the butcher knife onto the U.S. Airways flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona, two other men, Roshid Milledge and Damien Young, were caught trying to do the same thing from Philadelphia--also on a U.S. Airwarys flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona (only this time with a 9-mm handgun).

Just another thing averted?

By the way, I'm going to take a break for a few days. Hubby is in Philly on SAP training, so I am going to relax, read some books that arrived, and do some housecleaning while I can. NOT fun.. being I detest housecleaning. I'd rather do anything else. (poking forks in my eyes comes to mind as more fun!) In the meantime, twiddle your thumbs, and keep up on the blogroll :P

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thinking about dentists..

Here's a classic clip from the Carol Burnett show, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman (sp?) with the dentist sketch. This still cracks me up :P

New blogs added

I am not sure how many I added last night - I added some cop blogs, a dispatcher blog or two, and some more political blogs. Feed your ADHD is usually a good one and Sammy's over at YidwithLid is another favorite of mine. I think my all-time favorite is Lawdog's however. That was the first blog I read, and reading about him shooting Santa sent me into a fit of laughter.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I *was* going to talk about the usurpation of the rule of law, as I see it, with all these czars that Obama is appointing, which answer only to him - not to the congress or senate .. handpicked by him, not appointed by a group, or even voted on - I truly believe he is circumventing laws - we have to return in history to who was it? Wilson? It was another progressive that named people to posts to deal with different sections of the economy/land/government (except they weren't called czars) much as Obama is. Unaccountable to no one but him. Wait for tomorrow, I'm going to talk about the coming possible EPA regulations on farmers! for livestock, and another bill (I have the thing DVRed, will snag it tomorrow after church). While reading other blogs, and following rabbit trails, I came across a Cato Institute refutation of single-payer government health care. It covers all the common myths of what is being put forth as obama-care, such as: In Countries with National Health Insurance Systems, People Have a
Right to Health Care. Untrue. It goes over the other countries health care systems, UK, Germany, Canada, France, all held up as what we should attain for here in the US.

I say NO. It is not the government's job to take care of people, and provide them health care. As it is, it should get out of the medicaid/medicare/welfare business as it is. It seems this country is turning into a nation of slack-jawed drooling idiots, if this and other legislation comes to fruition. Blithely going about our days, while our country goes to hell in a handbasket.

And I am adamant about this getting government out of the welfare/medicaid/medicare business. Stop taking it out of people's paychecks, and stop payments. Since when are we a nation of slugs to be dependent on the government? "but people will not know what to do".. what about.. get a JOB? or.. have their family help them? or other charities. its NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB. Those scum-suckers up in Washington are willingly handing out momey to those who don't do a dang thing, while the people who earn that money STILL give to charities, and to their churches.

While I'm on the government. If anyone BUT the government ran a scheme like SSI, they would be landing in jail for running a ponzi scheme but when the government is doing it, its a-okay. Same with SSDI. Alot of people on it could work, but they don't. Even if it's sitting at a desk answering a telephone, it's still work, and ya can do it. But people find sitting at home picking up a free paycheck is sooo much easier.

My younger sister drove down here with her kids the year my parents drove down from Rochester NY. She tossed her 6 and 7 year old in the back seat and drove straight through from MN. (crazy). While we were waiting for mom & dad to get here, we got into a few fights (almost fist fights).. first I gave the kids squirt guns - it was July in Texas - darn hot, great time for a watergun fight! Her kids and my kids loved it, they were having a great time. Miss priss comes out of the house, squeals that "I'm teaching her kids violence!" and tries to take away the squirt guns from her kids.. because "her kids dont like guns". Coulda fooled me, I shot her with the hose. Made her go back inside all pissed off.

Later - she said she needed to borrow some money, as her welfare check hadn't arrived yet, and she was without groceries at home.. I think "why did you drive all the way from MN to TX, pay for all that gas, and go without food for your kids?" but she's got this gimme gimme mentality going on.. I asked her why she thought she had to get money from everyone else and she said "it was the same as my staying at home, homeschooling the girls while hub was at work, earning a living". That floored me! the reasoning behind it? I told her I dont go to my neighbors house when we have a bill to pay, or anyone else when we have to get something. We pay for it ourselves. She does not see the difference as far as I know to this day, between a self-sufficient household, and a welfare mom. That was the day I came so close to giving her a black eye. But parents were due the next day, and knew I'd get a fussing at if I knocked her around :P so I didnt. But I did give her groceries to take home with her. Not money.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sarah chews him up and spits him out

Matt Lauer that is.. After that idiot David Letterman makes a stupid joke about her 14 year old kid.. Here is Sarah Palin's response to it


Dentists are no fun to go to - Tuesday I just got a root canal done with iv sedation, and as I was leaving to be driven home by my 16 year old, the nurse told her "no internet for me". HAH! Bad patient that I am, I got on, and started browsing around. Evidently my typing skills were right around a drunk person's level of typing, pretty much gibberish. The peanut ended up unplugging the wireless connection back in her bedroom while I was busy at Amazon getting books off my wishlist. So, I laid down on the couch, and slept for a couple of hours. Woke up a bit better, able to type coherently and the internet was back on! Bought my books, stayed up late till around 10:30, doing my usual stuff, playing around on facebook, chatting on yahoo, reading different stuff, and then shut down my browser, saving my tabs for the next day. I had ten tabs opening the next time i turned on my computer :O Tjat sedation must've still worked because I woke up at 6 the next EVENING! I didn't remember a darn thing that I had done Tuesday after I had been at the dentists office. My mouth is still sore from that darn thing, hoping to finally be able to eat normally soon. I finally got to my email and looked at the books I had bought, and it was ok, they were ones I had been wanting to buy for a while,AND I had even written down in my checkbook the amount I had spent, with Amazon scribbled beside it. Next time I get IV sedation, I am going to just go to bed, and lay down! But evidently i had a good time :P

Saturday, June 6, 2009


A reader came by and left a comment on the previous entry, with a link to his blog that had information about the Coast Guard ships used on D Day. I looked over his blogroll, and one looked interesting - Savage Minds - so I hopped over there, and found this gem about internet addiction! The internet and compulsion. From the post "Almost 25% of the people in the world are active Internet users. More than 100 million Facebook users log on at least once per day. Nine blogs are created each minute."

I remember life before the internet. I was just talking with a friend the other week on messenger, about 'what if the net went away'? What would one do? I think life would just go on, it would be probably less STRESSFUL than it is now! People would be back to the libraries, reading actual books, and doing things around the house, talking to people on the telephone, going out for coffee and meeting face-to-face instead of the faceless email sent between friends that may only live on the opposite ends of town. Gone are the days of the gathering of friends around a table, sitting and talking. Its come down to emailing and internet. Technology is okay, I'm not saying it's bad.. however, let's keep it in perspective. However did we manage to live without it? And be HAPPY? The internet is NOT required for life. It's an add-on. It's a disposable add-on.

Obama has an 'internet czar' to oversee all the services.. well and good.. he has more czars than mother Russia ever did. And all with no governmental oversight from what I can see.. apart from (p)residential oversight.

To go with that.. people and the cell phone. I'm at the grocery store, in the restroom, and some lady is in there also, talking on the phone for pete's sake! WHAT on earth is she (not) thinking? is there no couth left today?

I'm not a technological philistine, I just am tired of it being elevated to the point of the be-all and end-all.

D Day - A Day of Remembrance

Swimming through a rough surf swept by machine gun and mortar fire, Coast Guardsman carried a guide line to the beach of Normandy on D-Day and survived heavy Nazi fire that mowed down many soldiers following the line to the beach. This photo depicts how the soldier wrapped the end of the line around his middle and served as a "human anchor" in the midst of enemy fire. Of the 36 invaders who attempted to follow the line ashore, only six made it. Meanwhile, the ramp of the Coast Guard-manned LCI had been shot away by shellfire.

While my husband was at a computer training conference in New Orleans in June of 2005, I went with him and we stayed at the Sheraton on Canal Street. Walked about 8 blocks to the D Day Museum there in NOLA, the place was amazing. It takes you at least a good 4 hours to go through there, better if you plan on spending a full day. They had WW2 vets as docents, and at the D Day map, I had the privilege to talk to a man who had been there on the beaches. At that time, they were going to add on a Pacific theater wing. That should be built fairly soon, if not completed; I want to return to that museum and spend the day.

Thoughts on things

I just heard on the radio the other day about an Army quad amputee - so I googled, and the soldier is PFC Brendan Marrocco, from Staten Island, NY. He was in a convoy Easter morning when they got hit. Apart from having his l. arm below the elbow, r. arm above, both legs above the knee, his l.carotid artery severed, burned on his face, stitches, shrapnel in his eye.. the guy was in bad shape. And these young men willingly put themselves in danger.. Why? because their country and sense of honor calls them to do it. Its their duty, when their country sends them, they go. It's "their war" much as during my father's time, WW2 was "their war". He joined the Navy as soon as he could, and got shipped overseas to occupied Japan. My uncle went to VMI, and went overseas to Italy, got captured, spent the rest of the war in a camp up in Germany. Why? Because it was their duty to their country. Boys were lying about their age during WW2 to go off to war, there were 15 and 16 year olds in the services, and there was a 14 year old (I believe the youngest to serve). They were proud to serve their country, and fight for their country.

Jump to today. Too many today are ashamed to be Americans, and would not dream of giving up their cushy life for a life of even remotely having to do hard work. Heaven forbid they give up a night's sleep to actually work all day, then work that night, and then get some sleep the next day.

The Depression generation worked hard, so that their children and grandchildren would not have to go through the troubles that they did, the shortages, and the not being able to get what you want when you want it. I can see wanting to make life easier for your children, but in this, I think they did the generation after them a great disservice. Look at the children of the 'boomers'.. the 50s, 60s. The "me" generation. What's in it for me? What can it do for me? Not what can I do for someone else? How is this going to affect others? It's all about the 'me me me'. And this continues on in each successive generation. How can we turn this about? I don't have all the answers. If I did, I'd write a book and become famous and wealthy lol. My idea - listen to what great-grandma says about raising children - not what Dr. Spock says about raising children. You're NOT their friend. You're their parent. Act like it. Don't let them rule the roost. Think benevolent dictatorship. And have babydaddy around. Marry the dude. Go back to what the basics are.

Raleigh Rocks Marathon

This is the hub, from the Raleigh Rocks half marathon in Raleigh, North Carolina on March 28, 2009. Took me a while to get around to putting up the picture. He was on his way back from SAP training in Philadephia, and stopped off in NC on the way back to Texas to run. Committed or what? I'd say committed as INSANE! Although I am planning on doing my first 5k next April at the Davy Crockett Bear Chase up in Groveton, TX. My youngest daughter should be ready for the half marathon by then, and hub will do the full marathon again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama's speech

I finally found the FULL text of jugears speech, and its over here at Jihad Watch. Robert Spencer has done a wonderful job of commenting on the speech. And there are NOT 8 million muslims in the US, there are less than 2 million. The greatest growth of muslims in the US is in the prison system. Funded by *guess who!* the Saudis, of the Wahabi sect, one of those 'wacky extremist muslims' groups. Except, we have liberal muslims generally living around the US, much as there are christians that don't really act like christians either. The ones that moved here, wear the hijab, retain the laws et& set down by the Koran and the hadiths, are not "moderate muslims". That creature does not exist.

An army..

The papaya dance craze hit the Philippines about a year ago, and everyone from the soldiers in the Philippine Army to the Manila prisoners in jail were doing it, and the Cebu prisoners! I think this is the best video of it, with the Army.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh the humanity of it!

BOISE - Tiffany M. Wallace, 18, is charged with felony aggravated battery after Boise police said she used her pickup truck to ram another car several times in a road rage incident that began on Fairview Avenue and ended at the Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center on Monday afternoon.

But that wasn't the worst of it! No! She threw little containers of ranch salad dressing at them! Imagine the mess if the little foil lids had popped off, and the salad dressing had dried on the car, all the scrubbing required - that would even be worse than the pile of dried up cat food vomit my husband found on the truck hood - as he was driving into Houston when it turned light! Right in front of the drivers area, was a pile of chunky cat barf. Lovely. He had to sit and look at it all the way in on 288, for at least an hour. Took lots of scrubbing to get it off. But I digress. Onto the road rage -

The victims say Wallace drove her truck into the rear end of their Kia sedan several times, causing significant damage.

(Makes me wonder actually how the victims were driving :P *

The male driver of the Kia told police the conflict began after he was cut off by Wallace on Fairview Avenue near Orchard Street. The man told police that Wallace began driving aggressively - cutting him off, tailgating him, and pulling her pickup next to him, where she yelled and threw coins and small plastic containers of ranch dressing at his car.

Although I've been pretty mad at idiot drivers, and I yell idiot and fool and many other epithets at them, I've never taken to actually doing something to them, much less throwing items out of my car at them. My husband takes the other tactic with road ragers, he purposely drives slower, and then when they pass and give him the 'salute', he smiles and waves. My temperament doesn't allow for this. I just wish I had a manual, so I could downshift and slow down without brake lights for those tailgaters, the kind that think they need to be riding in your trunk. Alas, I have an automatic, and a 4banger at that, so along I putt.

And keep that dressing to yourself. No throwing ranch, or any other type of dressing at cars!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roadside Texas

While coming home from town yesterday, after stopping at Dairy Queen to pick up some Nachos Deluxe for us for dinner and some drinks, I passed this on the highway. Turned around to take a picture. I don't know if someone hit it, but there wasn't any tire marks on the road or in the grass to show someone hit it - so I assume it got spooked and somehow fell off a trailer going out of town. It was gone today when I went into town. Not too often we see a cow by the side of the road, usually its a hog or a deer.


I was around town today, while the monkey was at the dentist's office getting 4 wisdom teeth removed, and 2 fillings (with iv sedation), and I stopped in at the local health food store for Knudson's green juice (looks horrid, tastes like fresh peaches). Saw this pretty blue large scooter outside the back door, unknown name. The lady inside that owned it, ended up talking to her, and she showed me the scooter, the compartments for holding stuff inside, and she had a box put on the back of it for carrying more stuff. She has the 250 model, but a 200 model would suffice for me. THIS is the one I want. Now I'll have to see about getting my grocery money all in one lump instead of throughout the week, so I can save up money for this. And try to explain to my husband why I want one!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Free Sonic Rootbeer Floats

Root Beer Floats at Sonic will be free from 8 pm till midnight on June 3rd, 2009. Just saw the commercial on the tv. We will be headed there after services Wed. night :)

Double standard

There is a definite double standard going on in today's media. There is much ado about the killing of the late-term abortion doctor in Wichita (kills up to birth) yet nothing on the killing of two US Army soldiers outside a recruiting station, nothing. Nada. Man takes up Islam (the religion of "peace" HAH!) and kills 2 soldiers, and where is the media on this? Where are the outcries? Where is the outrage? Nothing. You'd think that because soldiers die pretty much all the time in war, well, it's nothing for them to die over here in the states, just outside a recruiting station, where they're supposed to be SAFE.