Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Acorn Follies

ok,, a visitor provided a link to Acorn's monies chart that Barney Frank was probably using (thanks a ton!) and I looked up on Google streetview the different addresses. These are little storefront operations - one is a FUNERAL HOME! And the current administration is fixing to give Acorn around 8 billion dollars?? Bush gave millions to Acorn during his administration, which doesn't make it right, however, upping the ante and giving MORE to a company that is indited in 12 states for voter registration fraud and election fraud - well, that's just Chicago politics as usual! The link for the money chart is here, and you can google streetmap the addresses. The one in New Orleans is a funeral home.


  1. Diane:
    Thankfully, this is ONE STORY that will not "go softly into that good night"...and with damn good reason.

    THEY'RE CROOKS...plain & simple.

    And it's folks like you that MUST keep this in the face of the American people "in the trenchs" going about their daily lives.
    Hammer it home!
    Never let up.

    ACORN is nothing more than the ultimate SCAM being perpetrated on the people of this nation.

    Give that money BACK to "WE, the people"...WE could put it to BETTER use...any day, any time.

    Very good post.

  2. Good place for them to be cause they will be the death of this country.....