Thursday, May 21, 2009

Satan's Donut Shop

Ok so its not SATANS donut shop, but it's got a pentagram on it, so we just call it satans donut shop every time we drive by it. Its in a town by us, a small junior college town about 45 minutes away from us. The donuts here are not as good as the donuts in our town, not Shipley Donuts, but the little local donut shop run by a Cambodian family, they make the best apple fritters in town. A dozen is only $5, and their pigs are large, and their breakfast tacos are great.


  1. Makes 'ya wonder what "methods" were used so they could get GRANDMA'S fritter

  2. I was informed last night that the star is NOT a pentagram :P but its still satan's donut shop. Here in town, the Shipley has the #2 donuts for price and taste. Go figure.