Thursday, May 21, 2009

A sight to see

I was driving home from the grocery store one day about 2 weeks ago, when I passed a grass farm on the way home, and this was what a section of it looked like. So I pulled a Uturn on the road, and went back, pulled off the road, and took a picture of it. Thought it was a really nice scene. Very peaceful. We have a lot of grass farms in our area, and pieces of sod are constantly on the road. Many times I've stopped to get a big square of sod off the road, put it in my trunk, and brought it home to put it in a bare spot at home, so that I'll have grass again. At least until the clover and I am not sure WHAT weed it is, takes over. Although once high summer comes, we will have to water each day, so the lawn is not crunchy.


  1. There are fields like that in Fort Bend County. They are really nice to look at.

  2. Yeah, we see them when we drive up to Houston. Usually I can't get my husband to stop and let me take a picture. I've taken to keeping a camera in the car now, for when I see something I want to take a picture of around town or around the county.