Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's next

What I want next for my yard is honeysuckle. In varying colors. I just recieved my Dave's Garden email, and one of the higlights was about honeysuckle". Turns out the one I want, the red and yellow one, is not scented, but I love the look of it, so I'll get one or two of those, and then some other. We have some yellow growing wild by a rosebush in the front of the house. Guess I'll stick a trellis out there, and get it OUT of my rosebush.

The University of Houston just called, about SAT/ACT scores of my youngest. They want to talk us about her going there when she graduates high school. She just finished (today) 10th grade. She's been getting quite a few envelopes from universities and colleges all over the country in the past few months.



  1. We wound uop with hneysuckle AND jasmine (dunno where it came from)...and at night, the smell is so damn soothing...

    ANd tell your daughter to keep those scores UP...make THEM come to HER (with those nice tuition checks) in their hands!


  2. Thats good that the Universities are looking for her. Like Bob said, let them pay her!

    I like the smells of the different plants, It is soothing to smell them with your eyes closed.