Monday, May 25, 2009

He listens to yard gnomes!

Ok.. I was reading over at Wall Street Journal this evening.. almost tomorrow! and I found myself reading this article and I find myself - this is scary! Obama is taking advice from gnomes! From a cartoon no less, not even going out into his garden for a face to face talk with these gnomes! What is the world coming to, when a gnome can't even speak his mind, a cartoon gnome has to do the talking? Freedom of speech for all gnomes! heh. aside from that. It just goes to show, that one needs a PLAN when you announce you have new projects. Sure, it sounds nice and good, and the newspapers write it up really nice,, but will it ever happen? or is it just a nice pipe dream? What is the actual cost of this pipe dream? I doubt he or his gnomes have thought of that. All of this goes to show you, the same level of thought goes into Obama's plans as goes into the writing of cartoons.


  1. Diane:
    Hell in OUR part of "da hood" (of Fort Wayne, IN), MY garden gnome's PACKING HEAT!
    (he's GOT TO).

    Who'da thunk it?


  2. Too bad Obama doesn't take advice from a gnome that has an attitude. Instead of one that has NO plan. Just like him. no plans at all. Let's just all pretend everything is nicey-nice.