Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oops I forgot...

to give Texas Ghostrider's blog a bump - its a great cop blog - its an interesting one - go take a read!

Also a couple of blogs that you should stop by, are THE DHIVEHISTAN REPORT. Its a blog from the Maldives, which has been taken over by Islam. You think this is OK? The Maldives doesn't allow Bibles to even be brought through their airport. Go take a vacation to the Maldives and you're not a Muslim? Tough luck on bringing anything that is of value to your of your religion, you cannot bring it. The Maldivian locals are being trampled upon now. Go read and learn.

Another blog that keeps track of goings on around the world is Jihad Watch. Think it's just 'radical Islam'? Think the Koran is just like the Bible? Go, read and learn. Fitna is also linked here, go watch it. Just a rumor will start Muslim riots, that end up with people dead. Don't swallow the lie, there are NO moderate Muslims.