Thursday, April 29, 2010


Bobby G over at The PA-IN Erudition posted his Honest Scrap Awards yesterday, and I made the list. Not exactly sure how I managed that, but I just find interesting bits here and there, and then let loose on a rant about them. Or find interesting things around here in south Texas.

I should have gotten out of my car and taken a picture Easter day, when I got pulled over for "failure to yield" at a stop sign (the cross street did not stop). I didn't see the cop, as I was watching the white long-haired cat walking across the yard the other direction.

He pulled me over, and then 2 more police cars pull up behind him...and they all get out and start yakking together for a good 10 minutes. It was HUMID that day, and it was HOT in my car, even with the windows rolled down. It seems like anytime someone gets pulled over in this town, more than a few cop cars pull up for a gabfest.

By the way, in the paper about a week ago, I read an article about the Sheriff saying that if an officer put in his papers for an 80 hour work-week, by gosh-darn-it, he was going to work that 80 hours! And after a write-up by a Houston news organization, about sex offenders living willy-nilly anywhere they want in our county, Hizzoner the Mayor says that there will be a law regulating where they can live - AND a large sign, with 2" high letters in capitals saying "sex offender vehicle". I haven't seen any of those signs around town yet... When I do, I'll get a picture.

I can think of some blogs for an Honest Scrap award:

Atlas Shrugs. This is Pamela Geller's blog - its so darn informative on what is going on with Islam and how it affects us here. You can keep up on the Rifka Bary case here also, the girl who converted to Christianity, and her father has threatened to kill her for it. Pamela Geller is on Facebook, check out SOIA - Stop the Islamization of America on there also.

Doctor Grumpy in the House. A neurologist, with a penchant for Diet Coke (the elixir of life), and some WHACKY patients! Also readers send in weird stuff to him that he posts...things you'd never think of in your wildest dreams. Dr. Grumpy is on Twitter.

Jihad Watch. A must read for what is going on in the world, as Islam marches on, taking down one country after another. Robert Spencer is on Facebook.

Legal Insurrection. A Cornell law professor's blog. I forgot how I found this one, but I check it every day to see what is going on in Washington and various parts of the country. Legal Insurrection is on Facebook and Twitter.

Dissecting Leftism. One of JonJayRay's blogs - an Aussie who finds, and sums up what is going on with the left all over the world. Check out his other blogs, they are interesting. He is also on Facebook.

Texas Ghostrider. A Texas detective, who has a penchant for crazy ties and motorcycles. :P

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  1. Thanks for the Scrap Award, I will try to post this weekend. I will also take the time to check out some of those other blogs you wrote about.