Friday, April 9, 2010

Is it Friday already?

Wow, this week has gone fast! Lots of stuff happening - Obama making the US into a pussy nation, signing that "no nukes" treaty with Russia, and saying that we will not use nuclear weapons. What is that saying, STRENGTH THROUGH POWER? What is going to stop other nations from using any other types of weapons against us, if there is basically no threat of retaliation? We'd probably have the pResident just censure them. Say "no, no" and make frowny looks at them.

Obama is also blaming those who oppose him for "dividing the country". Klansmen without the hood and robe, racist and bigoted. I guess you could include "clinging to their guns and religion" also in there. Where the heck does he get off saying that? It's darn offensive, and HE'S the one being divisive, with his socialist ideas, and actions.

The Congressional Budget Office says our fiscal policy is "unsustainable"...Gee, ya think? The debt-to-GDP ratio would go from 63 percent this year to 90 percent by 2020, the CBO said.

Spending beyond your means, giving money that you take from Peter to pay Paul at ever-increasing levels...Pretty soon more and more people are going to figure out that this really can't work, and something has to be done.

I found out there is a Tea Party located in my county! I went to the coffeeshop earlier this week, and found out there was going to be a meeting Tuesday night. So off I went, and there were about 40 to 45 people. We are going to be at the courthouse square (on the sidewalk, as the county courthouse says NO to even stepping one foot on their property!), and I'll be there with my sign. Ordered a Tshirt that says "I love the smell of tar and feathers in the morning". I'm trying to decide what I want on my sign...either "who will $$ for it?" or a picture of a teabag, and a pitcher of Kool-aid saying "which one are you drinking?" HERE is the site where you can get free tea party signs, and ideas also for making your own sign with some board and a black marker. I was originally going to go to the Tea Party on the 15th in Houston, they are having a large one, but I am going to go to the local one.

Where has this year gone so far? It seems like it was just New Years. Is it just me, or as you get older, the year seems to go by quicker?

I got a new saddle for my bike (finally) so I'm off to go riding down among the fields. With my camera. Maybe the rice fields are flooded now. They had some already flooded on our way back from Houston yesterday.


  1. Diane:
    Flooded rice fields is a GOOD thing...ask damn near anyone in Vietnam...!

    And yes, time DOES speed up as you age...dunno why, Stephen Hawking won't tell me a damn thing!

    Gonna visit the Tea Party site and check the signs out.

    As for the rest of those "politics" forgot about the RISING COST of GAS (again)!

    (maybe THAT is why you're riding the bike?)
    Shrewd...very shrewd.


    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm waiting for them to flood the ones down the road from me, to take some pictures. There is a local Tea Party here the 15th that I'm going to.

    Yeah I noticed gas is getting more expensive again - $2.69 at the cheapest place in town.

    Riding the bike because it's nice outside (finally) not too hot, not too cold. Plus the exercise is good (pedaling against a high wind really stinks tho!)

  3. what time and where is your party going to be? I might want to go to that one instead of Houston's