Friday, April 23, 2010

Dancing Queen

Further in the Blago fiasco (typical Chicago politics), there is this:

According to the unredacted version of the memo, a labor union official told investigators that Mr. Obama had talked to him about the possibility of naming Valerie Jarrett, now a White House adviser, to the Senate.

"Labor union official told the FBI and the United States Attorneys 'Obama expressed his belief that [Senate Candidate B] would be a good Senator for the people of Illinois and would be a candidate who could win re-election," the redacted memo reads, according to the copy provided by the Tribune. Senate Candidate B refers to Jarrett.

The document also claims Mr. Obama had a conversation with Blagojevich in December, 2008, days before the governor's arrest. It also suggests Mr. Obama may have relevant information about Tony Rezko, a former Blagojevich adviser and fundraiser convicted of fraud and other charges, who is tied to this case. The document says Mr. Obama can testify about "Mr. Rezko's reputation for truthfulness as well as his own opinion of Mr. Rezko's character."

from CBS news.

Curiouser and curiouser.