Friday, April 16, 2010

99 weeks

99 weeks of unemployment? WHAT? WHY? Almost 2 years of unemployment? What can I say that hasn't already been said about the crayzeeness?

On another note, Fox Business figured 2 million people at Tea Parties across the country. There was one in town, and I went, along with the youngest, here with her sign "The few the angry the taxpayers"

Our Representative for our area was here also, and spoke, Randy Weber

We got lots of honks, and thumbs up from people, but two vehicles went by with people yelling O-BA-MA out of it.


  1. Weber must be cool because I have a TIE just like THAT!

    I didn't make the TEA PARTY because of Detective Chick being stupid and lazy. I got a felony arrest out of it though.......

  2. Diane: the sign!

    As for the U/C?
    That's just ridiculous!
    We used to get 30 weeks MAX...and at most 60% of normal pay rates...!
    I only signed up for it TWICE (in 30 years)...hated every minute of it...thought it was "beneath me" to have MY hand out.
    Thank God I was never on it for long at all.

    Goes to show how times change, doesn't it?

    Congrats of the T.E.A. party!

  3. Hey TG - at least you got something out of not being able to be there - Sooner or later we will be up in Sugarland area and can go out for lunch or something.

    The unemployment is ridiculous. Funny, it's been proven that as soon as it starts getting close to it ending, wow, people get hot on trying to find a job. The rest of the time, they just skate along, collecting money.