Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alan Grayson

He first popped up in America's minds as the congressman who put on placards listing the Republican health care plan as "DIE QUICKLY". Evidently this guy is nuttier than the Planters Peanut.

There is also a blog up titled My Congressman Is Nuts. This blog made Grayson see red, and he asked Attorney General Eric Holder to look into it -- including a request that Angie Langley be fined and imprisoned for five years. Notice that what is on that site is only the truth, and Grayson's behavior is causing it.

He also calls someone that works at the Fed, Linda Robertson, "a K-street whore". Not satisfied with making a jackass out of himself so far, he goes on...

And reads into the Congressional record "the names of the dead"... i.e., those who died because the horribly mean Republicans were blocking health care reform. He's also set up a site for putting down your story of how the EVIL health insurance companies killed your loved ones. Or the MEAN hospitals and HORRIBLE doctors and nurses.

Just yesterday, Grayson went and busted up a district meeting of the local Orange County Republican Executive Committee at a Perkins restaurant. And threw a hissy. This site has video of Grayson I guess just being himself.

This "names of the dead" site includes people that in one case, the husband said it would be too expensive for guilted his wife into not going to the doctor. And the insurance companies are to blame for this how?

Oh here's one...the guy had problems for years, just never got any medical treatment. Did he not make any money during this time?

People seem to think health insurance should pay for EVERYTHING, including your regular check-up and shots, all kinds of stuff. Does your car insurance cover work you do on your car? If you have to change the oil, does car insurance pay for that oil change? NO. As it should not. People are thinking that health insurance is supposed to cover everything, when INSURANCE is just that - not the pay everything that people want it to be.

And Grayson et al do not see this for what it is - just a way for the government to take over a portion of the economy and control it... and it will go the way of Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security - paying out way more than it ever takes in.


  1. Diane:
    I only want our government to show us ONE (just one) instance where they created a program, and it ALWAYS came in UNDER budget, helped a CRAPLOAD of people, and allowed them to maintain their lives, their liberty, and their freedoms without becomes victims of federal control.
    I'm sure others are asking the EXACT same thing...right?

    Good post.

  2. I *know* others are asking the same thing. I'm going to Walmart today to get the stuff for my sign and for my daughters. She doesn't work on Thursday, and we are going to be out there on the corner at the local Tea Party, from 5 till 6:30. My t-shirt has "I love the smell of tar and feathers in the morning"