Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Huckabee

Jon Voight was on Huckabee this past Sunday, and he read a letter to the American people.

He said what many wish to say to Obama. More famous conservatives need to stand up, and say publicly what they believe, and not hide.

My youngest daughter is going to be holding a sign at the Tea Party here in our county Thursday. We have the gear for our signs, got our sharpies and black markers...now to figure out what to put on it. I got my Tshirt in the mail yesterday, "I love the smell of tar and feathers in the morning". I am not sure if I am going to wear that, or the one that I am having made up at the local sign/advertising shop. The store owner came to the Tea Party meeting last Tuesday.

Speaking of Tea Party, there are people of all ages - from people in their teens, to people in their eighties at our local meeting.

On another note, Michelle Obama's 'signature mission' isn't military families, despite during the campaign and later she said that was her raison d'etre but childhood obesity is. She should really stick with what she said she would do.

1 comment:

  1. Diane:
    Voight's letter was GREAT!

    Hope to see you guys on FOX TV (if they have a crew there, that is).

    A democrat sticking to what they SAID?
    That's a laugh.
    (nice to know SOME things never change)