Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well, tonight is the first night I will be driving the church van to pick up kids for AWANA, from the housing areas. I already know they will try to sneak on their littler brothers and sisters (the under kindergarten age); and they will act up on the bus. It's a matter of who gets kicked off the bus and why. I've read Tales from the Schoolbus blog, and I wish I could get his glare down, but these kids don't react to glares. They don't listen to women mostly, is what I've gathered. They are raised by their moms, and when a guy tells them to sit down and be quiet, they will..but not when a female does. Tonight should prove interesting. More will follow tomorrow on how the van ride went, both to church, and afterwards. I am at least going to make the little kids sit up front where I can keep an eye on them, to keep them from leaping over from back seat to the next seat.

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  1. Diane:
    When it comes to getting kids' attention, I tend to lean towards the HARRY SENATE RULES OF CLASS BEHAVIOR (a Boston Public reference)

    Whip out the handgun, and fire off two BLANK ROUNDS straight up...

    THAT...WILL...get their attention (and probably get your butt fired in the process.
    Kids don't do the "kind and gentle" gig all that much these days...darn shame.
    Always worked in MY day.

    I miss those days.