Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Texas State Fair fare

This year's offering.. is deep fried BUTTER.. September 25th the State Fair opens up in Dallas, and the newest offering of deep fried goodness this year is butter.. yep. Good ole creamy butter. You can get it plain, flavored with grape, garlic, or cherry. Garlic reminds me of Gilroy, CA.. home of garlic everything..including garlic ice cream (we tried it. YUK)

And here I thought chicken fried bacon was about the end of it all. Newp. The guy who thought up deep fried butter, is the same guy that came up with fried cookie dough, deep fried coke, and the deep fried PBJ, Abel Gonzales Jr.

What a crazy state I live in...that deep fries this stuff..and EATS it.