Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cap & Trade Bill

I was reading my facebook page today, and Dan Patrick (a state senator up in Austin) said that

"I joined Governor Perry today as he convened a panel on the Obama Cap & Trade bill. If passed would impact TX & Houston, the hardest. Bill has language that actually says "oil is a clear and present danger." Liberals willing to destroy our economy on theory of global warming Everyone wants a clean environment, but at what cost ? Bill would cost us 300,000 jobs in TX, raise electric bills 30% plus & increase gas 40% per gallon."


"Governor convened business leaders from a range of industries to discuss Cap & Trade today in Houston If Obama bill passes it could cost Texas over 300,000 jobs"

My electric bill during the summer is already something scary, and a 30% higher bill would be outrageous.

On another note, the van driving did not go too bad last night. I was surprised. During AWANA was another story, we had 12 children, and only 2 leaders.. not really enough for the smaller kids to get their bible verses learned.


  1. It is indeed a very dangerous time and cap and trade is a ticking time bomb. If people think it is bad now, just wait if half of obama's plans go into effect.

  2. It's going to be worse than the Carter years. All I remember from that time is sitting in the car waiting in line. But reading about those times, I definitely do not want them to come back, or something worse, which I am afraid Obama is trying to do.