Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hmm a new day!

Today is Marry Your BabyDaddy Day, 3rd annual one in Charlotte NC. Turns out this seems to be necessary, because so many today do not marry before they start turning out children. Turns out marriage is on the decline all around. Seems like a lack of morals or shame. It used to be, even when I was a kid, that someone had a child out of wedlock it was something that was not looked upon kindly. Its not bad enough that morals have pretty much gone to heck in the past 40 years, but that a day is needed to prompt women to marry the father of their child. Its turning this country into a big welfare nation is what its doing. Woman has child.. dad skedaddles, and there she is, left to take welfare or if she's lucky, has enough money or family to take care of the baby while she works. And the cycle continues..


  1. Diane:
    Maybe they should rename it to be:

    I mean, maybe some of these women DO NOT want this guy around any more (abuse), and this might fit the bill to get these men to pay "their fair share".
    It still takes 2 to tango, right?

    Just a thought.

  2. Yeah.. And if babydaddy is around, that is less welfare that is paid out also.

  3. My office is next to the county jail building where the visitation takes place. It is funny watching all of these baby momma's going to see there baby daddy's. The way the dress and conduct themselves will make a really go tv show. It keeps all of us laughing.