Friday, September 11, 2009

In Memoriam

Of those who died, in a war they knew nothing of, of one many still know nothing of, and are being placated "does not exist" because of a "peaceful religion", a religion where many danced joyfully and gleefully, firing rifles into the air at the taking of American lives (and how many times has that been repeated at other bombings, or blowing up of people, and suicide bombings). LOW may say we are not at war against Islam, but the whole religion is made up of Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-harb (tnat not of islam) and to them, the innocents are NOT us. the innocents that are killed, are the innocent muslim that may get caught up in one of their shenanigans. Go read Jihad Watch. Check out Geert Wilders' short movie Fitna on there. The lefties today say Christianity is such a great threat, that a big theocracy is on the way. Creeping Sharia is on its way. It's already well entrenched in Europe, and England. Check out the way the Netherlands are overtaken. 1 in 4 children in school there are native.

Today, in 2001, was a day like any other day, a day to go to work, a day to sit at an office, do your job, take a lunch, for little children to play at a daycare, for firefighters and police hopefully to not die en masse. For people not to die in fiery flames, or on a plane plunging from the sky. These terrorists were not poor jihadists. The majority of jihadists are the rich, educated men. They came here under false pretenses, and we let them in. Red lags didn't go up when one didn't care about learning to land a plane at all. These men overtook the planes with box cutters. This is yet another poke in the eye to those who have concealed carry licenses, you cannot carry on a plane, but I think of the plane of people who took on the hijackers and brought it down in that PA field, instead of its target. It took them courage. There are more than a few blogs that have pictures of that day. I don't think I'll ever forget that second plane crashing. I had taken the girls to school, and was napping, and had woken up, just gotten online, and a friend said GET ON THE NEWS NOW! so I turned it to Foxnews, and it was just before the 2nd plane crashed. I was .. shocked. its like "what the hell is going on here?" not a whole lot made sense that day. Until I decided to educate myself on what was going on in the world, with world politics, and national politics. Before that, I was in a nice little comfort zone, just sufficient to figure out who NOT to vote for in the local and presidential elections, and figuring that was good enough. Not any longer. And it should not be any longer like that for any of us. We should be involved in our world, in our governance, to make sure that placators don't get in (unfortunately Obummer did, and he's sucking up to everyone). For a good reaction in one single word, click on Cranky Professor and she sums it all up.

For updates on what is going on in the world, check out Jihad Watch. And find out what these kind, moderate muslims are up to, and what is happening over in Europe and Canada, and is slowly filtering down here. Atlas Shrugs is keeping up with the Rifka Bary story from Florida, the Muslim girl who converted to Christianity, and is now afraid for her life from her family, as leaving the Muslim faith is a death sentence.

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  1. Diane:
    I'm sure there are over 3,000 souls that thank you for this post.
    You "get it", dear.

    We'll never forget.