Saturday, June 13, 2009


I *was* going to talk about the usurpation of the rule of law, as I see it, with all these czars that Obama is appointing, which answer only to him - not to the congress or senate .. handpicked by him, not appointed by a group, or even voted on - I truly believe he is circumventing laws - we have to return in history to who was it? Wilson? It was another progressive that named people to posts to deal with different sections of the economy/land/government (except they weren't called czars) much as Obama is. Unaccountable to no one but him. Wait for tomorrow, I'm going to talk about the coming possible EPA regulations on farmers! for livestock, and another bill (I have the thing DVRed, will snag it tomorrow after church). While reading other blogs, and following rabbit trails, I came across a Cato Institute refutation of single-payer government health care. It covers all the common myths of what is being put forth as obama-care, such as: In Countries with National Health Insurance Systems, People Have a
Right to Health Care. Untrue. It goes over the other countries health care systems, UK, Germany, Canada, France, all held up as what we should attain for here in the US.

I say NO. It is not the government's job to take care of people, and provide them health care. As it is, it should get out of the medicaid/medicare/welfare business as it is. It seems this country is turning into a nation of slack-jawed drooling idiots, if this and other legislation comes to fruition. Blithely going about our days, while our country goes to hell in a handbasket.

And I am adamant about this getting government out of the welfare/medicaid/medicare business. Stop taking it out of people's paychecks, and stop payments. Since when are we a nation of slugs to be dependent on the government? "but people will not know what to do".. what about.. get a JOB? or.. have their family help them? or other charities. its NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB. Those scum-suckers up in Washington are willingly handing out momey to those who don't do a dang thing, while the people who earn that money STILL give to charities, and to their churches.

While I'm on the government. If anyone BUT the government ran a scheme like SSI, they would be landing in jail for running a ponzi scheme but when the government is doing it, its a-okay. Same with SSDI. Alot of people on it could work, but they don't. Even if it's sitting at a desk answering a telephone, it's still work, and ya can do it. But people find sitting at home picking up a free paycheck is sooo much easier.

My younger sister drove down here with her kids the year my parents drove down from Rochester NY. She tossed her 6 and 7 year old in the back seat and drove straight through from MN. (crazy). While we were waiting for mom & dad to get here, we got into a few fights (almost fist fights).. first I gave the kids squirt guns - it was July in Texas - darn hot, great time for a watergun fight! Her kids and my kids loved it, they were having a great time. Miss priss comes out of the house, squeals that "I'm teaching her kids violence!" and tries to take away the squirt guns from her kids.. because "her kids dont like guns". Coulda fooled me, I shot her with the hose. Made her go back inside all pissed off.

Later - she said she needed to borrow some money, as her welfare check hadn't arrived yet, and she was without groceries at home.. I think "why did you drive all the way from MN to TX, pay for all that gas, and go without food for your kids?" but she's got this gimme gimme mentality going on.. I asked her why she thought she had to get money from everyone else and she said "it was the same as my staying at home, homeschooling the girls while hub was at work, earning a living". That floored me! the reasoning behind it? I told her I dont go to my neighbors house when we have a bill to pay, or anyone else when we have to get something. We pay for it ourselves. She does not see the difference as far as I know to this day, between a self-sufficient household, and a welfare mom. That was the day I came so close to giving her a black eye. But parents were due the next day, and knew I'd get a fussing at if I knocked her around :P so I didnt. But I did give her groceries to take home with her. Not money.

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  1. I think that is what people need. A little black eye to wake them up. I was at a location on an investigation and there were three "disabled" there. Could of fooled me with all the beer cans, whiskey bottles and cigarettes.....

    Get a job or starve, the government needs to get out of the welfare system....