Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cop Killer ran a theft ring

Truckloads of stolen merchandise found at cop killer's house.. via KHOU. That piece of dirt that shot and killed Officer Canales was running an organized crime theft ring out of his home it appears. Dozens of home appliances were found - with the price tags still attached - making it look like a 'little Home Depot' according to the channel 11 reporter. The merchandise was stolen from Conroe, Hunstville and Bastrop.

They also found more stolen merchandise at the home of Andres Nava-Maldonado, who is charged with capital murder (let that needle slide in, and make sure its fully loaded!)

Canales met with Carrillo, Nava-Maldonado, Xiomara Mendez-Rosales and an unidentified juvenile at a Walgreen's at Bellaire and Hillcroft.

Guess what? Some more fine upstanding Mexican citizens on this side of the border, again with some more crime. Yet another police officer killed in the line of duty dealing with yet more illegals. Yet *we have no problems with our borders*. *illegals are not a problem, they are only here for work* *puke puke puke*

Wasn't the last shooting of a police officer in Houston by an illegal back in 2008, if I remember correctly?


  1. Officer Johnson was killed by an illegal. Then there is the illegal who shot an officer on a warrant raid in the face leaving him blind in one eye and paralyzed on one side. when are we going to get mad as hell and not take this any more?

  2. It seems no one will have the cajones to stand up to LULAC and La Raza and push them back and take a firm stand. It seems most people feel that illegally crossing the border isn't "that big of a deal" although isn't it a felony, and not just a misdemeanor? Border Patrol isn't allowed to do their job (see Ramos and Compean) and there's another sheriff that's still in prison for doing his job, from a border county in Texas - if I remember right, all prosecuted by Johnny Sutton - who I personally believe is on the take from the Mexican government (but that's another story). There was a bill put forward this year in the Texas House, to make sanctuary cities in Texas illegal. Guess what? The democrats did not vote for it, therefore it did not pass. Dan Patric (out of Houston.. Katy? I think?) was one of the sponsors of this bill. He's also got his show on AM 700 in the afternoons.

  3. Get those damn wetbacks the HELL outta here, starting with the criminal element!

    As to the theft ring....must have had some INSIDE help (having worked for a "big box" store in Loss-Prevention).
    I've seen some creative thieves in my day...and helped CATCH them.
    It can be done.

    YOu need a needle-pusher for this perp?
    ...I'm available...and it won't cost the taxpayers NEAR as much as the "going rate".

    There's a lot more to this "border gig" than many want to admit to, that's for sure.

    And it's costing us PUH-LENTY in the process.

    Good post.