Saturday, June 6, 2009


A reader came by and left a comment on the previous entry, with a link to his blog that had information about the Coast Guard ships used on D Day. I looked over his blogroll, and one looked interesting - Savage Minds - so I hopped over there, and found this gem about internet addiction! The internet and compulsion. From the post "Almost 25% of the people in the world are active Internet users. More than 100 million Facebook users log on at least once per day. Nine blogs are created each minute."

I remember life before the internet. I was just talking with a friend the other week on messenger, about 'what if the net went away'? What would one do? I think life would just go on, it would be probably less STRESSFUL than it is now! People would be back to the libraries, reading actual books, and doing things around the house, talking to people on the telephone, going out for coffee and meeting face-to-face instead of the faceless email sent between friends that may only live on the opposite ends of town. Gone are the days of the gathering of friends around a table, sitting and talking. Its come down to emailing and internet. Technology is okay, I'm not saying it's bad.. however, let's keep it in perspective. However did we manage to live without it? And be HAPPY? The internet is NOT required for life. It's an add-on. It's a disposable add-on.

Obama has an 'internet czar' to oversee all the services.. well and good.. he has more czars than mother Russia ever did. And all with no governmental oversight from what I can see.. apart from (p)residential oversight.

To go with that.. people and the cell phone. I'm at the grocery store, in the restroom, and some lady is in there also, talking on the phone for pete's sake! WHAT on earth is she (not) thinking? is there no couth left today?

I'm not a technological philistine, I just am tired of it being elevated to the point of the be-all and end-all.


  1. I can live without it all. Yes it is nice to google anything you can think of, but back before the internet that Gore invented, we got along just fine. I hope there will be no "red dawn" anytime soon, but if there is I can live without some of these "neccessories".

  2. I have met some great people on the net, and would continue to stay in contact with them if it all went poof tomorrow. The main thing I would miss, is being able to find certain items for sale a whole heck of a lot cheaper, even with shipping, than you can locally. Now that might not do my "local economy" any good. But it means I am able to stretch my paycheck a lot further.

  3. Diane:
    I've been working with computers since they used to take up an ENTIRE ROOM...

    I still pretty much use it as a source of an Encyclopedia Britannic...with a monitor & keyboard.

    But there are some cool games...and, like E/L said...the shopping.
    Nice to NOT have to travel across the country , or to CHINA to get something I honestly need.

    Then, there are the great folks I've YOU GUYS.
    Sure beats driving all over creation to meet all of you.
    (and with all that gas money I saved...I buy newer computers, upgrades, and repairs...who'da thunk?)


  4. I'd miss it, but I'd get over it in a day or so.. I have messenger on my phone at least. We were without internet for about 1.5 months after Ike veered off from us, and our antenna on the roof wasn't up. My house was SPOTLESS during that time! and I got a lot of crocheting and day to day stuff done, reading etc.