Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roadside Texas

While coming home from town yesterday, after stopping at Dairy Queen to pick up some Nachos Deluxe for us for dinner and some drinks, I passed this on the highway. Turned around to take a picture. I don't know if someone hit it, but there wasn't any tire marks on the road or in the grass to show someone hit it - so I assume it got spooked and somehow fell off a trailer going out of town. It was gone today when I went into town. Not too often we see a cow by the side of the road, usually its a hog or a deer.


  1. Now that's something you really don't see everyday.

    ... now I want a cheeseburger.

  2. If a car hit it,it will still be there, lol. I worked for a sheriff department in 1986. I worked nights and we had long hauls due to being short staff. A cow in the road was our biggest fear, we would be responding to a major call at speeds of 100 mph because of the distance. Do you know what a cow can do to a car? So hamberger anyone? I have also herded a cow down the middle of the freeway in Houston after he got loose, now that was

  3. The DARE officer at the school here got a new car, with a strong guard on the front of his car after he hit a cow while driving home from a football game one night. Wrecked up his black and red car painted with tiger stripes :)

  4. Hey, maybe that cow got a gander at the STIMULUS BILL...and committed suicide!

    Stranger things HAVE happened...just not so many and certainly not so recently, hmm?