Sunday, June 21, 2009


Looking for my cell phone today, all around.. high and low. On my desk, everywhere.. THEN I remembered the last place I had it - in my white shorts pocket.. great. I just did laundry today, and guess what was in the pocket! :| Time for a new phone. I'm just hoping the SIM card still works - I'd hate to get a new phone number after all these years.

Apart from that, I'm back from my little break, cleaning house sucked, and as soon as I washed the dog, he goes out and rolls in the dirt and gets filthy again, and tracks in dirt. Great. Just like I never swept and mopped. Useless cycle. I'm thinking of these dusters for him that fit on like little socks. I've seen them at Walmart in the household dusters aisle, for people. Maybe fix up some for the dog, so when he scurries around the kitchen he can clean up after himself.

I picked up another new book, Glenn Beck's Common Sense, which also contains Common Sense penned by Thomas Jefferson. I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm reading Liberal Fascism right now by Jonah Goldberg, and it's quite eye-opening. You know how the left is always calling the right fascists? Very few fascists are ON the right! Mostly it is a left-wing phenomenon. Will blog about it soon after I get a couple more chapters under my belt. Right now I'm off to search for a cell phone, and try to assuage the hubby about having to put out for a new phone :P


  1. take the battery out and the battery cover off, put your oven on 150 degrees and keep it in there for about an hour. My phone went through a really bad storm on the bike and it got baked back to health......

  2. Diane:
    Yowza...cellphone in the rinse cycle!

    Not the best way to clean off that bugger, but I think TX Ghostrider's onto something.
    I'd also wrap it in a paper towel to leech moisture away.

    And I also got my COMMON SENSE book...great (albeit fast) read. A must for those who think!