Monday, June 1, 2009

Double standard

There is a definite double standard going on in today's media. There is much ado about the killing of the late-term abortion doctor in Wichita (kills up to birth) yet nothing on the killing of two US Army soldiers outside a recruiting station, nothing. Nada. Man takes up Islam (the religion of "peace" HAH!) and kills 2 soldiers, and where is the media on this? Where are the outcries? Where is the outrage? Nothing. You'd think that because soldiers die pretty much all the time in war, well, it's nothing for them to die over here in the states, just outside a recruiting station, where they're supposed to be SAFE.

1 comment:

  1. You got THAT right, dear...along with the same DBL/STD for CRIME in our cities...!

    And local politics...
    And the economy...
    And the...wait a minute, I see a PATTERN of "misdirection" here....seems to be by DESIGN.

    Keep people "entertained" with one hand, and they won't see what the OTHER hand is doing...gotcha!

    Houdini would have LOVED this!

    Great post...keep those hits coming!