Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I was around town today, while the monkey was at the dentist's office getting 4 wisdom teeth removed, and 2 fillings (with iv sedation), and I stopped in at the local health food store for Knudson's green juice (looks horrid, tastes like fresh peaches). Saw this pretty blue large scooter outside the back door, unknown name. The lady inside that owned it, ended up talking to her, and she showed me the scooter, the compartments for holding stuff inside, and she had a box put on the back of it for carrying more stuff. She has the 250 model, but a 200 model would suffice for me. THIS is the one I want. Now I'll have to see about getting my grocery money all in one lump instead of throughout the week, so I can save up money for this. And try to explain to my husband why I want one!


  1. Lol this reminds me of the time one of our cows got hit by lightning. Just laying there tits up lol tff...only in Texas...hahaha

  2. So you can go ride with the "Texas Ghostrider" thats why you want it......lol

  3. LOL i just want it so it doesn't run a tank of gas for every 4 trips into town for stuff. Although I'm sure my husband will say it's a great waste of money!

  4. Diane:
    It's only a waste when HE doesn't THINK OF IT FIRST...trust me on that one.


    Now...go pick yourself out a fantastic helmet!