Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh the humanity of it!

BOISE - Tiffany M. Wallace, 18, is charged with felony aggravated battery after Boise police said she used her pickup truck to ram another car several times in a road rage incident that began on Fairview Avenue and ended at the Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center on Monday afternoon.

But that wasn't the worst of it! No! She threw little containers of ranch salad dressing at them! Imagine the mess if the little foil lids had popped off, and the salad dressing had dried on the car, all the scrubbing required - that would even be worse than the pile of dried up cat food vomit my husband found on the truck hood - as he was driving into Houston when it turned light! Right in front of the drivers area, was a pile of chunky cat barf. Lovely. He had to sit and look at it all the way in on 288, for at least an hour. Took lots of scrubbing to get it off. But I digress. Onto the road rage -

The victims say Wallace drove her truck into the rear end of their Kia sedan several times, causing significant damage.

(Makes me wonder actually how the victims were driving :P *

The male driver of the Kia told police the conflict began after he was cut off by Wallace on Fairview Avenue near Orchard Street. The man told police that Wallace began driving aggressively - cutting him off, tailgating him, and pulling her pickup next to him, where she yelled and threw coins and small plastic containers of ranch dressing at his car.

Although I've been pretty mad at idiot drivers, and I yell idiot and fool and many other epithets at them, I've never taken to actually doing something to them, much less throwing items out of my car at them. My husband takes the other tactic with road ragers, he purposely drives slower, and then when they pass and give him the 'salute', he smiles and waves. My temperament doesn't allow for this. I just wish I had a manual, so I could downshift and slow down without brake lights for those tailgaters, the kind that think they need to be riding in your trunk. Alas, I have an automatic, and a 4banger at that, so along I putt.

And keep that dressing to yourself. No throwing ranch, or any other type of dressing at cars!


  1. Keep the coins but you can throw the bills at me. Was the dude talking on the cell phone eating and driving 45 in the fast lane?

    Other then that, the girl needs a little more self control. Maybe pedaling a three wheel bicycle with teach here a lesson.

  2. A new use for the penny...there 'ya go.

    As to CAN D/S a slushbox (automatic) into D2...but get ready to hear the engine try to protest...the revs jump.

    I prefer to do the double-peddle thing...hit the brake than hit the gas and go!

    Works every time.
    (at least on the east coast and midwest...LOL)

    Cat puke on the hood...YUCK!
    (bad enough on the carpet).

  3. The 'victim' of course was probably doing nothing.. they never are.. probably piddling along at a good clip of 35 in a 55 zone. The news report didn't say what he was doing.

  4. If you're going to be throwing ranch dressing, at least have the common decency to toss a few veges with it.