Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The Republican National Committee and its chairman, Michael S. Steele, were engulfed in controversy again Monday after new financial reports showed that the party used tens of thousands of donor dollars for luxe hotels, private jets and other questionable expenditures.

Although it is not unusual for either party to spend money in tony settings to cater to wealthy donors, the RNC's latest filings captured widespread attention for one expenditure at a risque nightclub: $1,946.25 for "meals" at Voyeur in West Hollywood, which features topless dancers wearing horse bridles and other bondage gear while mimicking sex acts.

RNC spokesman Doug Heye said Monday night that "appropriate personnel actions have been taken, and accounting and reimbursement processes are being revised to ensure that such an action cannot reoccur."

Steele also has come under fire for his management of the organization's finances. The RNC had more than $22 million on hand when he arrived last year, but is down to less than $10 million, despite raising a record $96 million during that time, records show.

The February report to the Federal Election Commission lists $17,000 for private jet service; more than $35,000 for upscale hotels; and more than $43,000 in expenses, not including airfare, for the committee's winter meeting in Hawaii.

WHAT!?! The above information is from the Washington Post. I don't think they get it. THIS is the crap that goes on in Washington that HAS to stop. This is ridiculous. If you are going to send money to the RNC...I'd say.. support your local politician, not the RNC. They don't get it. They are still thinking no one cares about what they do, or spend. They don't get that people are fed up with 'business as usual'. Next time the RNC calls to get a donation, them know WHY you are not donating to them. Tell them pointedly exactly what you think. Then go support your local guy.

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