Monday, March 8, 2010

Up early!

Being I didn't put my glasses on, I read the clock wrong...I thought it said 6:05. It was 5:05 am. :| Oh well. No time like the present to tell you guys about this EXCELLENT book I read over the weekend. Once I got started it was really hard to put down. I sat here at the computer, intending to surf around..and never quite got to it. I sat here reading instead. The book? Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. It's available at Amazon HERE. If you want the original paperback, its much more expensive.. running around $150.. Cover art doesnt bother me... I just go for the inside of the book. The story will rock your socks off. You can read a bit at Larry Correia's blog. Here is a sample of MHI. I loved it! The Monster Hunter Vendetta is coming out September 28th, you can pre-order now at Amazon. I think I'm going to. And he's already started writing the 3rd one! Monster Hunter Alpha.

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