Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sig Sweepstakes

Here >> is the link to the sweepstakes giving away a Sig P226 e2. Already entered!


  1. Diane:
    Thanks for the link...can never have TOO many autopistols, can you?
    (especially in my neighborhood)


  2. I asked hubby to enter, he said he'd rather have a colt .45.. so that is going to be his christmas present :) I told him he can get me a snubby .38 for my birthday instead of the pots and pans I wanted. (calphalon hard-anodized)

  3. Oh by the way, if you DO win, blog about it!

  4. Diane:
    Bet yer bottom dollar I WILL...(crosses fingers), and I will be sure to thank you for the link...
    (btw, I've got my .45 already...Taurus PT145 - 10 rds +1 - About 4 Franklins will get 'ya one - sweet conceal-carry piece)

    But if Hubby HAS to have a COLT .45 (and what man doesn't?)...there are PUH-LENTY out there to choose from...none of them all that cheap, either ($700 and up - mostly UP for a new one)

    The GOOD news is...they ARE cheaper than a new motorcycle...LOL!