Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Washington Should Stay Out of the Car Business

I read this article the other day.. and it is quite a good one.

By David Harsanyi

Toyotas have minds of their own, apparently. But not to worry. The U.S. government will smite the robotic menace -- and the company's profits along with it.

As one Lexus-driving victim stated at a recent congressional committee hearing, "Shame on you, Toyota, for being so greedy."

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David Harsanyi

Indeed. Greed has reared its ugly head again. Shame on Toyota for consistently selling cars we want to buy. Shame on Toyota for employing thousands of Americans and building those unseemly factories. Shame on the company for perfecting the mass production of environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles.

Toyota has such an insatiable appetite for profit it knowingly allows consumers to perish in Lexus deathtraps. One wonders why Toyota would risk its sterling reputation. Then again, it matters little now that D.C. has started dismantling it.

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  1. Thank You for posting this! I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

  2. Diane:
    I'm sorry, but I don;t even "plan" to drive a "rice-burner" (as we used to call them in the 70s).
    A damn fine article you found there.

  3. Commoncents - thank you for coming by - glad you like the article. I found it the other day, and kept that tab open on my Firefox until I got around to blogging it. A couple of the blogs you have listed to the side of yours are on my list also - Gateway Pundit, Legal Insurrection. Sure on the link exchange.

  4. Bob - we have 2 Chevys and a Dodge truck. Before that, pontiac, and other cars.. First car I learned how to drive on was a Datsun B-210 hatchback. 0-30 in about 10 seconds! It was a little 4-banger. Now due to gas prices, we bought 4-bangers again. Quite a step down from my station wagon, that had backwards facing rear seat and a V8 in it, that had been bored out and made larger due to engine being remade (good thing the local shop said he'd fix it instead of buying a new engine). That station wagon was strong.. it went through a convenience store wall.. with only a few dents where the concrete blocks fell on the hood, the grill got wrecked (was plastic), and the right headlight was mashed. I found out power brakes DONT work when the power is not on in the car! I was standing on the brakes, but that wasn't enough to keep us from going into the building.. Hmm I should take a picture of that gas station and blog about it :P

  5. Diane:
    My cars were (since 1975):
    -1968 Buick Special "deluxe"- pwr steering/ automatic...that was IT!
    Put my OWN FM/cassette deck and speaker in it.

    -1975 Ford Torino 2 dr dk hunter green (NO A/C but it DID have power brakes (and would do over 100 MPH). Got almost 20 MPG on the highway and about 10 MPG in the city.
    Also had a 26 gallon fuel tank (yikes)!

    -1983 Pontiac Firebird (black of course) - pwr steering & brakes/autotrans. And THIS car had (hope yer sittin' down) an AM-FM radio!
    One of the LOWEST drag coefficients of ANY production car made by the USA.
    (Knight Rider wannabe...LMAO)
    Btw...I STILL have that little 2.8 ltr. V6.
    Runs great and I hope to get it to 60K miles before I die.

    Mrs Bobby G. currently drives a 1996 Caprice Classic and we BOTH get about 25-27 MPG on the highway...(and she's got the 4.3 Ltr V8)

    But I still miss that '68 Buick.
    And yes, do blog about that Vistacruiser of to hear about it.