Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Heh. Nancy Pelosi's has a favorable rating is at an amazingly high rate of 11%. Harry Reid is right up there with a lovely rate of 8%. Unfortunately, both of them have a large portion of "haven't heard enough". What planet do these people live on, that they haven't heard enough about either of these two political whores?

On this bill just signed by pResident Obummer - since when is a service provided by one person a right for another person? Here is an example:

If the chain of natural rights is interrupted, and the right to a loaf of bread, for example, is proclaimed as primary (avoiding the necessity of earning it), every man owns a loaf of bread, regardless of who produced it. Since ownership is the power of disposal, every man may take his loaf from the baker and dispose of it as he wishes with or without the baker's permission. Another element has thus been introduced into the relation between men: the use of force. It is crucial to observe who has initiated the use of force: it is the man who demands unearned bread as a right, not the man who produced it. At the level of an unstructured society it is clear who is moral and who immoral. The man who acted rationally by producing food to support his own life is moral. The man who expropriated the bread by force is immoral.

When a government ignores the progression of natural rights arising from the right to life, and agrees with a man, a group of men, or even a majority of its citizens, that every man has a right to a loaf of bread, it must protect that right by the passage of laws ensuring that everyone gets his loaf - in the process depriving the baker of the freedom to dispose of his own product.

In a just society with a moral government, it is clear that the only "right" to the bread belongs to the baker, and that a claim by any other man to that right is unjustified and can be enforced only by violence or the threat of violence.

In the narrative above substitute "doctor" for "baker" and "medical service" for "bread."

This is what is happening with the 'right' to health care. It is NOT a right, it is a service.

For the full description of rights and medical care, go HERE. It's a good description of what is going on.


  1. Diane:
    Very well said!
    Now, all we need is someone shouting "Show us your papers"!
    Let's pray it NEVER comes to THAT, though.

    Exfellent post.