Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What gives someone the right?

What on earth gives someone the right to someone else's money? NOTHING! There is Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.. and those are all programs taking from those working now to pay for someone else. It should be the families who are responsible for their own families. Got elderly parents? SUPPORT THEM. They supported your butt when you were young.. now it's your turn to do for them. Put them on your insurance. Don't have insurance? Buy some and put them on it. What is so hard about providing for your own family? I don't get it.. what happened before 1965?


  1. Diane:
    Having been a product of that era, I'd have to say that the "drug-induced" 60s were a LARGE part of this "new age era of irresponsibility",
    Fortunately, I wasn't part of that sub-culture.

    And after Dad passed, I stayed with Mom, helping her out as best I could, even after I got married until Mom died in 1998.
    But I'm one of "those weirdos" as today's society would paint me...
    They need to use a much thinner brush if they're going to make so many general statements, anyway.

    But would I do it all again? a Philly heartbeat!
    That's how much my parents meant to ME.

    Like I said...I'm weird that way.

  2. I think alot of the "me" generation is not taking care of their parents, and only think of themselves. That seems to be today's people summed up. Which is really sad, no one wants to provide for their own, they are only out for what they can get for themselves. What happened before 1965? People took care of their family, and relatives. I found out one thing - NO one has been able to answer this question for me - "what entitles you to someone else's money" they're always trying to get out of answering that. I asked it in chat, and got attacked by the senior citizens hah!

  3. I think I CAN provide an answer...
    NOTHING or NO ONE "entitles" me to someone else's money...unless I earn it as payment from work provided TO them.
    How's that?
    (yeah, I'm just so damn old-fashioned)

  4. Heh.. good answer - but that would be the people who actually work answering that.