Thursday, October 22, 2009

Think it's over?

Does anyone (besides Obummer and his cronies) think that this recession is over? They talk about "the great recession" .. according to the graph above, we're following in the tracks of the Great Depression, not something we're likely to get out of soon. There is 1 out of 6 not working, or only working part time because they can't find a full-time job. And the government is only spending MORE tax dollars, yet they are taking in less. They are racking up trillions in debt, yet keep printing money. I say there is not a sane person heading this up. They're all trying to spend the way into extra money. It just doesn't work that way. Spend what you don't have, and you owe more and more. Some journalists are starting to wonder if the US will become a banana republic. Most of the media says nothing bad about Obummer's policies, and spending. Obummer blames it on Bush, however, Bush was not there making him sign these bills spending all this money. It's all on his own darn head. Congress is just as insane, voting on bills that aren't even put down on paper, at least ONE congressman has said what's the use of reading the bills. (That was Rangel, by the way) They've outlived their purpose up there in Washington DC. If they haven't the guts or the clues to do what needs to be done, get someone in there that WILL. Get rid of all of em. INCLUDING the pResident. And his buddy, Joe. Top that off with princess pelosi and reed, and the rest of the jackanapes. To quote Big Daddy, from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof "There ain't nuthin' more powerful than the smell of mendacity!"

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  1. Diane:
    I don't think for a Philly moment that the recession is "over"...
    We're still at the financial "precipice".

    We're seeing more foreclosures every month...NOT LESS (watching Cavuto helps), and that means a sour housing market...STILL.
    But, we can always print more money...WRONG!

    The dollar is skidding damn near outta control, and sooner or later, our "creditors" might want some of "that money" back...and how the hell do we "ante up"?
    I'd worry about CHINA a lot more than a loanshark's "enforcer" these days.
    "Rocco the Pipe" and "Legs Marinara" are working for the Eastern Bloc now...

    Banana Republic...used to be coming to a MALL near you...NOW, it's coming to a COUNTRY (REALLY) near you.
    Scary stuff, dear...very scary.

    Have a great weekend (politics aside).