Friday, October 23, 2009

I don't believe it!

Someone got ARRESTED for washing out their kids' mouth with soap!! Is this silly or WHAT? First, you can't spank them, you need to "take and reason with them" however kids are not adults, their brain is wired differently, and they just don't get the concepts that you are trying to 'reason' into their brains. The little ones, you're supposed to put in a time-out. Good luck with that. When you've got a kid throwing a full-blown hissy fit, kicking and screaming on the ground, sure, just sit them in a chair and tell them to sit there for a bit. It'll work. And I'm the queen of England. What about swearing? A bit of soap in the mouth works wonders. And despite what Ralphie thinks in A Christmas Story, no one ever went blind from soap in the mouth. Neither will you 'shoot your eye out, kid' from a BB gun. Unless you're the stupidest person in the world, and point it at your eye. But whose mom DIDN'T wash out their kids mouth when they swore? To this day, I cannot stand yellow Dial soap. I smell that, and I get this taste in my mouth. Yellow Dial soap has a mild flavor, and does NOT go well with Mountain Dew or anything else. What is this world coming to? Are the local police insane? I already know CPS is out-of-whack, but to arrest someone for child abuse for putting a bar of soap in the kids' mouth is about the lamest thing. TG: would like your opinion of arresting people for soaping mouths.


  1. Sounds like an idiot of an officer. We need more parents to take responsiblity for their kids. I don't see how that is child abuse. A little soap today or 3 squares and a cot tomorrow. I love when granny, auntie, or momma grab the belt when we drop off junior. we always tell them wait till we leave then then enjoy.

  2. Maybe they like the idea of cold balogna sandwiches day in and day out.

  3. Geez, Louise...what's this frigging world coming to??
    I mean, with the various fragrances of soap today, what's so bad about having a misbehaving kid tihe LAVENDER and CAMOMILLE breath after a hissy fit?
    C'mon now!
    (mine was Palmolive)
    And then there were the HOT PEPPERS for cussing...

    WE came from SUCH a "brutal" and Neanderthal time, didn't we?
    BUT...we LEARNED.