Thursday, October 15, 2009


Finland has now declared high-speed internet to be a RIGHT. France has already succumbed to this lunacy, but Finland was the first to mandate it. The UN (naturally) is in favor of this, CNN says the US is the only industrial nation without a national policy to promote high-speed internet. WHAT! Who's business is it, especially the governments, to make this a "right"? Since when does a thing that is not a right, become a right? because liberals say so? GEEZE give me a break. I'm so sick of this stuff that it's giving me trouble sleeping at night because my mind cannot shut off. I was up last night till around 2 am, and just wondering what the hell happened to common sense? A good number of people would be well-served by READING common sense by Thomas Paine, and hearkening to it. I'm so sick of the politicos in Washington, they only serve themselves. Forcing stuff on people that they don't want, need or can even pay for. "Hi, we're the government and we're here to help you" since when is that a GOOD thing? it makes me crazy!

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  1. Diane:
    If there is ONE determining thing WE, as informed people of the USA can take away from all of this it's that:
    Too many people have BLURRED the lines between RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES, and might very well wind up with neither in the long term.

    Politicians DO serve themselves, but moreover, they serve the SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (which don't really represent US) to an even greater extent.

    Government "help" (LMAO)...the NEW oximoron!

    Damn good post!