Thursday, March 19, 2009

While we weren't looking

The government is here to help you - yesterday, they are going to pump about a trillion dollars into our system - they are borrowing money from ourselves, to PAY ourselves, to pay for things that they say we need to fund. Nice sleight of hand, isn't it? Time to crank up those printing presses! Let's roll out more money! We printed a trillion dollars yesterday, to pay for this fiasco. A billion dollars is about the size of your car, stacked up. I am going to the Houston Tea Party Wednesday, April 15th 2009, with my sign.. I just have not figured out yet what to put on it. Any ideas? Please leave a comment if you have a great idea. OR better yet - find a tea party by you, and go to it! bring your own sign! Call your senator and congressman, and complain about the money they are spending and creating out of nothing. Remember Germany before world war 2 - a wheelbarrow full of money for a loaf of bread, bought at lunchtime, because by the time one was off at the end of the day, the price would have gone up. People were paid daily, if not twice a day, because the money was going up at such a high pace. The Carter years were mild, compared to what will be coming with this money printing fling going on now, and spending money that they do not have.

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  1. Money will be worthless, but pigs and chickens will be priceless. And of course, there will be our socialist/communist government, to rescue us all by doing what? Putting us on government support, I have no doubt.