Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Barney Frank.. goes crazy

So this is kind of old (from January 11th 2009) but I just heard about this today and got a laugh out of his behavior. WHY do they keep electing this moron?

On January 11, 2007, Representative Barney Frank was sitting in for the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Republicans were trying to seize on the disclosure that American Samoa was exempted from a minimum wage bill that passed the House a day earlier -- which some suspected would benefit Starkist, a company located in the San Francisco district of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The House had moved on to stem-cell research by yesterday, but Representative Patrick McHenry , a North Carolina Republican, rose to ask about the minimum wage bill.

"FRANK: Yes, the gentleman may state the inquiry.

McHENRY: So the chair is saying that I may not offer an amendment exempting American Samoa --

FRANK: The gentleman will suspend! The gentleman is making a speech and will suspend. The chair is not saying anything --

McHENRY: If the chair will let me finish my question.

FRANK: (pounding gavel) The gentleman will suspend. The chair has answered the gentleman's question. The gentlemen will state the point of order.

McHENRY: How many times --

FRANK: No. No. The gentleman -- (pounding gavel) the gentleman -- ''how many times'' could not conceivably be a point of order.

McHENRY: If the chair will not answer my question --

FRANK: The gentleman will not interrupt. (pounding gavel)

McHENRY: Is exempted from this legislation.

FRANK: (pounding gavel) The gentleman will not -- well, the chair is presiding, will not make speeches in the guise of a parliament inquiry. (pounding gavel) The gentlemen will suspend. The gentlemen --

McHENRY: Point of order.

FRANK: The gentlemen from Texas will suspend. (pounding gavel)"

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