Monday, March 30, 2009

Nasturtiums and others..

My nasturtiums are coming up gangbusters! I'm so jazzed! and the flowers that I've planted at the church are coming up so well! I planted a 61 foot by 3 foot area, in one spot and a 25 foot by 3 foot area in another spot and they are just taking off! This is the type of gardening that I've been dreaming of. This is the type of gardening that I'd like to do at my house, but never have had the materials/space to do in raised beds. Maybe this fall I will do one under the oak tree in the front, a shade garden. The leach field from the washing machine is sinking, and the pipe from that is showing in the yard. So I will get some rock from Second Nature, and build up a garden area, and put in a nice garden, and make my front yard look nice! And maybe hubby won't complain about mowing around it for a change :D

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