Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A great appliance for the kitchen

I love my rice cooker! Unfortunately, you cannot buy short grain rice here very easily - all the rice is long grain - you might have one brand of medium grain rice. And its poor quality. I've taken to buying my rice in the Asian food aisle, the Nikishi brand of rice. Its cleaner than the cheap brand (no brown spots etc) and is less dusty with bran when I rinse it. Its just whiter and less broken grains. Its also more expensive. $10.98 for 5 pounds of rice, when I could pay $2.50 for 5 pounds of medium grain lousy rice. I guess appearance matters. The Nikishi rice also seems to taste better. Not sure if this is just in my head or not.

I use my rice cooker almost every day, and wish I had bought one years ago, instead of making rice in a pan and fluffing with a fork. The rice turns out perfect each time, no undercooked rice for me anymore.

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