Monday, March 30, 2009

Government taking over and life

It sure seems that is the order of the day - Government taking over companies. Taking over companies that take bailout money, and/or TARP money, AND companies that haven't even thought of asking for bailout money! What business is it of Congress, or the governments, what goes on in the boardrooms of businesses? And that retroactive tax, and pulling the bonuses of the AIG executives. It's part of their salary. Talk about heavyhanded overbearing cockamamie schemes. AND the people that returned the bonuses will still have to pay taxes on the amount of their bonus, albeit less the confiscatory 90% rate that the boneheads up in congress/senate were deciding on.

What is it that government does SO WELL that we will allow the government to take over our businesses and everything else? Are we a nation of cowards now? We quaver and quake in our boots while the government runs everything, and decides everything - how much we can make in our jobs, who's going to run the company, what businesses should even be in business? This is the word for the day >> pusillanimousness <<

Many people in this country are living it daily. People expecting the government to serve them, to make their life better, easier. To give them what's coming to them, when those eeeeeeeeeeevil "rich people" who "really don't earn all that money" are somehow taking from them, or causing them to be shot down in life.

Somehow people have gotten the idea that having equal rights means equal outcomes. NOT SO! Everyone has the chance to rise, and everyone has the chance to fail in life. It's what you make of your opportunities. And no whining! If you fail to take advantage of your opportunities, and then later on have to pay the consequences of it, its no one else's fault BUT YOUR OWN. Look at Thomas Sowell. He's a writer, an economist who graduated Harvard. Did he start off with a silver spoon in his mouth? No. He was an orphan in Harlem. But he didn't sit around whining that life was unfair. He worked, and he worked hard.

So if you are sitting around on your rear end, complaining life isn't fair, and you're behind the ball, whose fault is that? Pick up a mirror.

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