Friday, March 20, 2009

A video for you to enjoy

I don't have much more to say beyond "enjoy"..and I completely agree with this:

I'm wondering how much postage and envelopes would cost to mail a teabag to each member of congress/senate? I'm thinking it would be worth the cost. EDITED TO ADD - ONLY SEND THE LABEL WITH THE STRING!!! They are throwing away the teabag, because they do not know *what* is contained in the bag!! so get those bags out, and snip those teabags loose, and send them the labels with the strings attached! With a personal note of "I'm fed up with your overspending ways, and your lies!" Even though I may not live in their district/state, they still should know how the country is feeling about them, living in that glass city of theirs. Perhaps you, too, should get a slew of envelopes, and tea labels & strings (think CHEAP teabags!) and mail them off to each member, and put a personal note in there showing them that you are fed up, and mail it off. Maybe they will get a clue.

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  1. Excellent video. About time someone belaboured the obvious in this.