Thursday, March 5, 2009

Teacher doesnt like his politics

It appears that the teacher, Professor Paula Anderson, does not like the politics of the student John Wahlberg and his two classmates. They gave an oral presentation on why students and teachers should be able to conceal carry weapons on campus, and she reported him to the police. He didn't threaten, he had no guns, he only gave a report. The story can be found here.

I find this quite distasteful. Sure, you can disagree with a person's views. Dislike them, argue with them, disagree with them. But calling the police on them because you don't agree with them? Or because "you feel uncomfortable". That's not the purpose of police, and it's pulling them off more important duties that they should be doing. Get a grip, people. Its not the licensed concealed carry people you need to worry about. Its the criminals that you should be worried about.

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